Time for Change – 2016 and Beyond!

Wow - it's already well into 2016. To say I have been a busy for the past 3 years is an understatement. I'll keep this entry short and sweet. I expect to archive this aging iteration of the site at some point in the first half of 2016 and move on to the next. So many changes in my life, technology, … Continue reading

Big Change: Joining Pointroll

After nearly nine years of freelance and working as an independent software developer, tomorrow I start a new chapter in my career. I am joining the Digital Innovation team at Pointroll as a Senior Creative Technologist. I am super excited about the job, the team I'll be working with, the new … Continue reading

jPlayer Fork with RTMP Support

There has been a lot of change in the interactive landscape the last couple of years. Like many of my colleagues and developers in general, I have been branching out further, working with a lot of other technologies, tools and frameworks on my own and for client work. This past year I've done quite … Continue reading