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Site updates and Flash MX Magic is Shipping!

First up, the User Forum is now accessible at its own URL: http://www.impossibilities.com/forum/ [1] This should allow you to get in and out quicker. Second: Flash MX Magic [2] is now shipping! I authored Chapter 14: Dynamic Database User Poll – which covers use of the new Loadvars object available in Flash MX and several other techniques for integrating PHP and MySQL into Flash MX to provide a dynamic element to your Flash work. A working example of the finished project can be found here. [3] I’m working on some additional resources, info, and updates and enhancements for the chapter that will be posted soon. Please post in the user forum if you have questions, or need help with the chapter. Last item: In the next few days expect the site to go all Flash MX, requiring the Flash 6 player for all content. This is necessary for some new things I’ll be adding to the site..stay tuned!