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Pocket PC Summit Is Here!

Entries are going to be sparse for the next few days while I am attending the Pocket PC Summit [1] here in Philadelphia. I will try to post some interesting stuff from the conference. There should be a lot of great stuff about the Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC [2] coming out of this show. Phillip Torrone [3] is one of the keynote speakers and will be delivering his keynote on Thursday from 1-2pm. If you can make it, just prior to that from 11-12 in the Commonwealth A, B room you can get a sneak peak at an application I worked on for a client that utilizes the Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC [2]. Several of the other authors of Flash Enabled [4] besides Phillip and I will also be there. Mike Chambers [5], Bill Perry [6] and Steve “Leo” Leone. [7] are all attending. I believe Mike will also be speaking at the conference on Wednesday about the Flash Player 5 for Pocket PC’s.