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Solo Synchronized Blogging

The Flash portion [1] of my site is now synchronized (for the most part) with the html blog. [2] There are a few features in the Flash version [1] that used ASFUNCTION to jump to specific areas of the site that I still need to revisit to get working the way i want but at least the items themselves are now synched up so you can visit either site and not miss any entries. The way I did this might be of interest to other bloggers who are using Pivot [3] as your backend and want to integrate it with a Flash front end.Originally my news was driven via a mySQL database along with PHP and Loadvariables in Flash and a custom Flash based admin GUI I built to edit and add entries. Then I started up this blog using Pivot [3] which I stumbled across thanks to Branden Hall’s WaxPraxis.org [4] The nice thing about Pivot is that it doesn’t require a database, it simply writes flat XMl files of your entries and comments and makes everything static pages. I needed to synchronize the two so I hacked together a PHP script that dynamically reads through the index and all the XML files created by Pivot and then converts them to whatever format I need. Right now I have a version that converts all the entries to a single summary page in html and it also can output a version that takes everything and converts it to a large URL encoded variable for use in Flash. It will be very easy to edit it a little further and have it convert everything into an RSS feed or other form of XML (which I plan on doing shortly so that I can syndicate this site). Try it out to see for yourself.
HTML Version – http://www.impossibilities.com/blog/blogvert.php [5]
Flash Version – http://www.impossibilities.com/blog/blogvert.php?type=flash [6]
It also will allow ranges of items by date/etc. or a specific number of entries to be returned in the results. I just have a few more things to tweak and take care of and I will release it for everyone to play with or incorporate into their own Flash/Pivot blog.