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Pocket PC Summit Wrapping Up

Today is the last day of the conference and I have a bunch of goodies to review and post about over the next few days. Couple of cool things for right now related to Flash. First, Macromedia announced that all new HP iPaqs (Yes they will be called HP iPaqs due to the merger between Compaq/HP, I predict they will start getting called HPaqs) will ship with the Macromedia Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC [1] already installed! This is great news for developers as you will have a new, very interesting market for your content and applications. Second quick thing, fellow author from Flash Enabled [2], Steve “Leo” Leone made it onto Macromedias Site of the Day [3] for the the companion web site [4] he designed for the book. Leo’s personal site www.unplug.tv [5] shows off some of his other Flash related projects and design work.