Harnessing Negative Mass Tachyons

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So, if anyone out there has a method for harnessing, manipulating and possibly attaching a carrier component to a negative mass tachyon field, I would like to speak with you immediately as I am serious need of a wayback machine. Not to recover lost files or a hard drive, but rather I would like to get back every minute of my life that I did not use judiciously enough at the time, because I need every single one of them right now! I have had overwhelming feedback from visitors to this site and many of the readers of the books I was recently involved in (Flash Enabled and Flash MX Magic) Also from the participation I have been making lately with the Flash community, and projects I have been attempting to get off the ground, thus I am currently buried under a mountain of email and work.This is a great thing! So this is just a heads up that there might be a slight delay for me to get back to everyone who has contacted me recently. Keep the feedback and requests coming, just know that I am behind a bit on things as well as the number of updates to this blog, so bear with me. I’ll be putting up a summary of recent events and news later this evening, till then make sure to check out the links on my site to get your news and update fixes. Thanks for all your feedback and support!


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