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I wanted to show off how the dynamic text to speech solution that I have been working on can also enhance html pages and provide extended accessibility via Flash. The result is that I am currently testing something I built today to allow all the entries on this main page of my blog to be read aloud via this system. You’ll now notice the “Speak” button and icon. Its Flash, click it and it will take a second (Be patient, I am adding the preloader tonight) to hit my server, process your request, dynamically synthesize, generate, deliver and read back to you the blog entry which you clicked. All it requires on your end is the Flash plugin for your browser , no screen reader or special software required. Pretty sweet huh? I am currently limiting the amount of characters that will be processed for each entry to about 1000 characters and then I tack on a “Truncated” message since its just to show off, and also to keep the server from melting. We will see how long it can hold up. More to come on this soon….In the meantime, email me and tell me what you think about this or just post a comment.


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