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Flash Based Mobile Device App Is Site of the Day

As mentioned previously [1] here and elsewhere, Eric Dolecki [2] has put together an extremely useful Flash based mobile event guide for FlashForward 2002 New York this July 10-12th. [3] He has made some more improvements and tweaks to it, and Macromedia awarded him the Site of The Day [4] for his work on this very cool application. Way to go Eric! Macromedia is really taking the mobile device area very seriously as part of their current strategy. Eric and his app were also mentioned in a press release by Macromedia on June 19th discussing the momentum the Flash MX is gaining. [5] This year keeps shaping up to be more and more interesting. Its also worth mentioning that you should take a look at Bill Perry’s Pocket PC Flash.net site [6] Bill was one of the first folks to really explore the mobile event guide format for the Pocket PC with Flash. Bill maintains many many examples of what you can do with Flash on a Pocket PC and his site is an excellent resource for those of you looking to get your feet wet in this area.