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Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Yes, thats the title of the new Flaming Lips [1] album due for release here in the states on July 16th. Yep, they are one of my all time favorite bands and they just keep getting better and better. They really have a very diverse body of work in their back catalog and are hands down one of the best bands live. What does this have to do with Flash? Well they finally have a new website [1] that is Flash based with a nice player where you can listen to the new album via streaming mp3’s in Flash. Very cool feature. I am dissapointed they opted to use Windows Media player for the video instead of the new features of the Flash 6 Player. Lets hope now that Sorenson Squeeze is down to $119 buckeroos they’ll adopt it soon.I really enjoy their design sense for their album covers, artwork, flyers and promotionals. George Salisbury, also known as Particle is their man behind the art, with Wayne Coyne the frontman/singer/ and the rest of the band also contributing. They really are truly one of the most unique bands on earth. What other band conducts an orchestra of hundreds of pre-made tapes playing in multiple cars in a parking lots and then tours around with about 70 boomboxes and invites audience mebers on stage to control them and then conducts the playback of the boomboxes. just amazingly brilliant. I was lucky enough to get onstage and be a member several years ago when they came through Philadelphia. Also who else would then later try to capture a similar experience by later releasing a 4-CD album titled Zaireeka [2] where all 4 CD’s must be played at the same time for the full effect, but can actually be listened to individually. In 2001 when they were touring in support of their last album The Soft Bulletin [3] they provided everyone at the shows with portable FM radio receivers and headphones. During their show they had everyone tune to a special channel where they broadcasted extra stereo information, arrangements and harmonics that just made everything sound incredible.

Funny story: Back in 1993 I met Wayne Coyne after a show in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was merely just about 2 or 3 minutes of conversation between he and I. Fast forward to 5 years later in 1998 when I was at the boombox experiment show at the Trocadero theatre. Wayne was standing on the stage arranging the seats for the audience members who would be on stage holding the boomboxes. I motioned to him and he walked over to the edge of the stage and remembered the conversation we had, my name and even the girl I was with at the time when we spoke. Truly an unbeliveable memory and incredibly friendly guy. If you ever get the chance to see them play live, by all means do so.

They are currently part of a very cool lineup, The Unlimited Sunshine Tour [4] with Cake, De Le Soul, Modest Mouse, Kinky and The Hackensaw Boys. If you visit The Unlimited Sunshine Tour site [4] you can get a shot at really good seats with special collectors tickets designed by John Mcrea (the lead singer of Cake). If your tired of getting crappy seats from TicketMaster, help them pull a Pearl Jam and support SCI Ticketing [5] which works with the artists directly. I was able to score 4th row center seats at the Mann theatre in Philadelphia this August, via SCI Ticketing. I can’t wait to see the show and test Wayne’s memory again. So yeah, I dig their music. 🙂

Unbelieveable coincidence, I was in the middle of updating this entry, and my trusty Apple Multiple Scan 20″ Monitor I purchased in 1993 and has served me well all these years finally crapped out tonight. They weird coincidence part is that the part that failed is the green electron gun. Whats coincidental about that? Take away the green electron gun from your monitor and suddenly EVERYTHING IS PINK! ARGGH! Anyone know where i can score a 21″ Apple Studio Monitor for cheap?