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Christian Cantrell is the new Macromedia Server Community Manager

Another cool thing to report: Christian Cantrell [1] is the new Macromedia Server Community Manager. Christian has a great article [2] in the DesDev center today about ColdFusion MX and Jrun4 for OS X. Christian also has a brand new blog up [1] which contains more info and links on this topic. I personally am very happy to see Christian working with Macromedia as I have been fortunate enough to meet and talk with Christian thanks to attending FlashForward and working on Flash Enabled [3] together, and he is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Best of luck to you! You can all expect great things from Christian.

Here are a few more Christian related items: An interview with Christian at FusionAuthority.com [4]. Some of Christians work also appears in the new Macromedia DRK 2 [5] in the form of the MyPhoto sample application [6] utilizing Flash MX, Flash MX Remoting and ColdFusion MX.

Useless trivia: If you squint real hard at the screenshot here of the MyPhoto app [7] you can just see part of my bald head behind Phillip Torrones fully follicled head. [8] 🙂