Could Flash and GPS system be used to predict first strike of impending war?

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I have no interest in getting into war or politics on my blog, but I thought this would appeal to folks since it ties in with Flash and GPS units. If you have a GPS unit for your car or your Pocket PC, keep en eye on its accuracy. In all likelihood, possibly days, or hours or maybe even minutes prior to a first strike against Iraq, the US military which runs the satellites that provide GPS signals to world, will reduce the accuracy of the signals from less than a few meters meters for civilians to closer to +-100 meters and possibly even greater. This will be done with the Selective Availability feature built into the GPS system. It will remain accurate to the centimeter, for the military and allies via an encrypted signal . The Selective Availability or SA was actually reduced to zero during the original Gulf War. See this article from June of 2000 of Space Industry News where then President Clinton committed to phasing out Selective Availability by 2006.

So if you want to be the first to know when the US and allies may launch a first strike, then keep an eye on the accuracy of your GPS unit over the next few weeks. My idea is to tie this into a Flash application on a Pocket PC device that could monitor a specific location to see any fluctuations in accuracy from previous readings of a known location. I’ll see what I can come up with and post here soon….

UPDATE: Wow…looks like Slashdot had already beat me to this idea almost word for word. Check out this posting.


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