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Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC 2002, Flash Communications Server MX 1.5 and more…

I hate missing FlashForward 2003 [1] this year and getting to see in person all these cool announcements about new and updated products. First, Macromedia has updated and added content to the DevNet [2], so take q quick look there. Then, take a look at this new section of DevNet for Macromedia Central [3] to get the lowdown, a white paper, and to sign up for the SDK Beta program. I can already tell that even with what little that has been shared about Central, that folks are already seeing the tremendous amount of potential it promises to deliver.
Flash Communications Server MX 1.5 [4] was also announced. The licensing is better, it now supports http tunneling, streaming of MP3’s, and the coolest of all features: A version for RedHat Linux 7.3 or higher! This will certainly open the door for many by reducing the licensing costs associated with the server OS that Flash Com has to live on. Phillip Kerman has a great article on 1.5 [5] that gets into more depth on 1.5.
Another section of the DevNet that has been updated is the Mobile Topic Center [6] which includes the release of the Flash 6 Player for Pocket PC 2002 [7] and The accompanying CDK or Content Development Kit [8]. A lot of work was put into this release by all the engineers at Macromedia who spent so much time making sure this would be a rock solid product. Bill Perry [9] did a great job on the CDK. Besides excellent examples, and info, the CDK also includes special UI compoments optimized specifically for usage on the Pocket PC. The Flash 6 Player for Pocket PC 2002 has some special system.capabilities built in to make it easier to detect if the device is online, grab a username, check the volume, battery-life, and even RAM availability on the device, plus some other cool features implemented specifically for Pocket PC Flash developers to make their lives a bit easier and their apps richer.
Distributing your content just got a lot easier to, Macromedia has also announced a special Standalone Flash Player 6 Playerfor Pocket PC 2002 [10] for $499. This might seem steep, but this price allows you to quickly and easily create a standalone version of your applications which you are then free to re-distribute for multiple projects. Since the files you make have the Flash 6 Player embedded in them, you dont have to worry about the end user needing to get the player or getting two downloads. Everything is contained in your package.
Quite a day for news about Flash wouldn’t you say?