Macromedia Central To Be Introduced at FlashForward2003

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Several articles up already on the pending introduction of Macromedia Central.

  • Kevin Lynch even made a direct post about it.

    I am very excited about this as a developer, having a centralized method for distributing applications is going to drive the creation of Flash content immensely. This is a feature that I feel should have been built into the Macromedia Exchange from the very begining. The other aspect of Macromedia Central, the additional client environment is going to further push the adoption of Flash as being a capable solution for full blown application development. I have had many conversations and thoughts on these very topics and I am extremely happy to see Macromedia going down this path. I can’t wait to get more details tomorrow for the keynote at FlashForward, hopefully there will be a live feed somewhere as I couldn’t make it out to this one.

    I would like to point out that the model for this new idea/product Macromedia Central has already existed on some level in the Flash world. Several companies already sell specialized high end components for Flash MX, even Macromedia has begun selling components and code for its tools via the DevNet subscription. However there already existed something close to what Macromedia Central could be, case in point: Animated Today 2002 for the Pocket PC 2002 platform which utilizes the Flash 5 Pocket PC Player. It is a central offline or online application that takes modules (Flash applications) and via a place like provides a centralized source where developers can place and consumers can buy the modules which add functionality to the container application. Hats off to folks like Stephen Eddy, and Phillip Torrone and many others who have proven this model works for Flash content and applications. Glad to see the mothership continue to learn from, embrace and listen to those using thier products. I know there will be a lot more details coming out about this and other cool stuff tomorrow.

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