Big News – Part 1: I Quit My Job

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I recently hinted at some big changes for me in one of my recent posts. Well, here is the first one: On July 23rd, 2003, I resigned from my job at mCom Financial Solutions, and August 8th, 2003, was my last official day as an employee. It was quite an experience to help create and grow a small startup over the last few years. Getting a chance to do everything from the ground up was a fabulous educational experience. I learned a great deal in a variety of areas and had the chance to develop and work on some very exciting and innovative projects. I wish everyone remaining at mCom (Daniel, Tom, Dan, Jess, Maura and my successor, Ronaldo) the best of luck and continued success! Keep that forward momentum rolling! I also want to thank the many clients, customers and business partners that I had the opportunity to work with while at mCom, it was a pleasure. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.

Why did I leave then? For a whole variety of reasons really, but one of the most important reasons I’ll share here publicly, was that I needed to refocus the pursuit of my personal and professional career goals. I also wanted the freedom to grow and exercise more of my skills and knowledge in the pursuit of my goals. The focus and direction of mCom, which like most businesses, was evolving and being refined over time. This evolution and refinement, led to a disparity between my goals and the goals of the company. This disparity had gradually grown larger and larger, to the point where I was no longer happy or satisfied going in to work. At this point I realized it was time for me to say goodbye. It was a very difficult decision to leave. It wasn’t just saying goodbye to the job, but also to the people I had worked with and gotten to know as friends. Also, many of the projects were like children to me, having nurtured them from simple ideas and concepts all the way to shipping products that were generating solid income for the company. For these and other reasons, I struggled with the decision to depart for some time, but I have my friends and family to thank for their support and guidance, which ultimately helped me make the right decision.

I also very badly needed some time off to finalize my wedding plans and take care of a great deal of personal items that have constantly fallen by the wayside for the last few years. In two days it will be a month since my last day, and the time has absolutely flown by! I have tried to lay low and get as many loose ends of my life resolved as possible, hence the lack of posts. I have also been trying to unwind and relax in order to find my focus on life again. I can happily say that so far, I have accomplished several of my downtime goals, most importantly, my wedding plans are now finalized. Melissa and I will tie the knot in Pennsylvania on May 15th, 2004, exactly a year and one day after our engagement this past May 14th. Still a lot of planning to do, but the big decisions are now behind us. Hooray for that!

So what’s next? I haven’t quite gotten to relax as much as I had hoped, but I have been able to refocus my energies and direction. I am happy to announce that I got a chance to do some tech editing on a couple of new books covering Flash MX 2004, which I am very excited about. Soon, I hope to have more details to post regarding the books. More importantly, I have been extremely fortunate to recently find and become a part of an organization that will afford me the challenges, and room I need to grow personally and professionally. I’ll also be able to utilize and further my skills and knowledge in the pursuit of my interests both personally and professionally, while working in a more collaborative environment with individuals who share similar interests and goals. I couldn’t be more excited and energized about this new opportunity. So what is this next endeavor that I am undertaking and who is it with? Well, you’ll have to wait a few more days, till next week for my next post: Big News – Part 2: The New Job. There will of course be info here on my blog, and some formal announcements released, which I’ll link to from here. Stay tuned!


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