New Bookstore for Macromedia MX 2004 and Related Developer Titles

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There is a ton of good information coming out in articles, blogs, mailing lists, and books on the topic of Flash MX 2004 and the rest of the MX 2004 line. Sometimes its tough to keep up with everything. Using the various RSS aggregators and feedreaders is making things easier for me to find and stay on top of the good stuff, but I wanted to consolidate a listing of books on my blog. Particularly new book titles since I have contributed to a few new ones that will be coming out shortly. So, I put together a nice little bookstore on my site using Amazons Affiliate Web Services, NuSoap, and PHP.
It has preset searches for browsing the latest book releases related to Flash MX 2004, and the whole Macromedia MX 2004 line, along with other developer tools I find useful. It also supports keyword searches and browsing for any book available on Drill down on an item to view more details, reviews, ratings, and two convenient buttons to either purchase an item directly from by placing it directly in your shopping basket, or save it for later by placing it in your Wish List basket. Any purchases that are completed through the bookstore on my site will earn me a commission which will go towards supporting improvements to my site.
I’m thinking about implementing comparison shopping feature with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a few other sources. I welcome feedback, bug reports, and ideas for improvements I could make to this first iteration.


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