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Version 1 – Retired

I finally retired my old Flash site tonight. It used to be found at the top level of my main URL, but for the time being everything will redirect here to my html based blog [1]. If you really want to get to the old version for some reason (in order to use the pager, the flash forum or the contact form), it can now be found archived here [2].

The trouble is, my Flash site was really out of date, I had built most of it in Flash 5 and then added things in with Flash MX as I had a spare moment here and there. Some of it was still using Generator 2.0! The whole thing was hobbled together over time and it was really starting to show its age. So, it is definitely about time for an update! A whole new look and feel, architecture, new functionality, etc. I’m going to dedicate some time over the next few weeks to some ideas I have been kicking around, and of course I plan on doing everything with Flash MX 2004.