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Rocking Gift from Mike Chambers and the Central Team

I hadn’t gotten a chance to post this up yet thanks to my schedule and bad eyes (glaucoma has been acting up recently) but I received the coolest package from Mike Chambers and the Macromedia Central Team a little bit ago. Two very cool roadmap posters, showing the API and reference info for developing and working with Central. A complete printed version of the SDK and white papers for Central, a very cool Central t-shirt, and to top it off a tiny 32MB Flash based keychain drive with all the Central SDK and other info on it. Sweet!

I have been dabbling with Central for a while and discussed it with the members of our local Macromedia Flash User Group [1] during our meeting in Decemebr of this past year. Recently I have gotten a few more potential opportunities for creating some Central applications, as I move forward with a few of them, I’ll post of some of the stuff I have been picking up along the way. Kep an eye out here for more soon.

Thanks Mike and the rest of the Central Team! You guys rock!