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Macromedia Community Week, May 17-21 & Worldwide User Group Meeting, May 19

[1]Just a quick note to make sure everyone is aware of the big push Macromedia is putting behind supporting their customers and community next week:
“Macromedia is celebrating our customer community by hosting a week-long series of customer-focused events. Participate in these free online presentations and Wednesday’s worldwide meeting to learn tips and tricks from Macromedia product teams and your peers.”

More great stuff on the site – follow this link [1] or the badge in this entry to get more info.

Here in Philadelphia all the local Macromedia User Groups – Philadelphia Cold Fusion [2], Philadelphia Flash [3] are banding together to hold 3 meetings for next weeks Worldwide User Group Meeting. Each of the individual sites have been updated with the latest info on the times, locations, etc. – but we also have a great umbrella site PhillyDev.net [4] where each of the sites are listed and you can register for any of the events. Its also a great resource for other types of computer/technology related user groups in the greater Philadelphia area – check it out!

Many thanks to Stephen Rittler [5] of PhillyDev.net and the Philadelphia Cold Fusion User Group, for organizing the events and getting the locations secured. I have been super busy preparing for my wedding this coming weekend – May 15th – so my brain has been in constant overdrive – and Stephen has really run with the ball to get things going and organized – thanks Stephen, I owe ya! Thanks also to Tony Profeta for hooking us up once again at the Art Institute.