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Ben Forta and Blackstone – Tonight in Philadelphia

In case you didn’t know, Ben Forta ColdFusion guru and Senior Macromedia Product Evangelist (pictured to the left) will be in Philadelphia tonight for his User Group tour where he will be previewing and demonstrating all sorts of new things including Blackstone the next release of ColdFusion. More information about tonights event can be found here, including presentation info, time, location, etc. [1] Make sure you check the page out and register in you plan on attending as there will be refreshements and networking prior to the presentation. Thanks to Stephen Rittler of the Philadelphia ColdFusion User Group [2], ExosIT [3] for sponsoring and putting everything together for such a great local event. Thanks also to Ben Forta, and Edward Sullivan and Amy Brooks of Macromedia [4] for also organzing this cool roadshow – this is exactly the type of thing that gets the community and developers excited and involved in new products.