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Apples Releases iSync 2.1, Includes Support for Nokia 6680 and Other New Devices

Finally! I’ve been holding my breath for several weeks now for Apple to get on the ball and release an update to iSync. Today it happened – iSync 2.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) [1] is now available via Software Update or here [1]. They have added support for bunch of new devices, take a peak at the full list here [2]. I just finished installing it on my Powerbook and synced it up over Bluetooth with my Nokia 6680 [3] – a great replacement for my Nokia 6600 [4]. I really have come to rely on syncing my address book, calendar and other items with my phones, and not being able to do so with my 6680 for the last several weeks since I got it has been a pain – thanks Apple for this update!