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MakingThings Introduces Teleo Blocks

I really love the stuff that the guys at MakingThings [1] put out, I have used their Teleo devices in several projects. I received an interesting email this morning about some new, more modular, lower cost kits called “Teleo Blocks”. Here is a link to an overview from the email that goes over what exactly the Blocks are and their capabilities [2].
Also an excerpt here from the email I received containing a quick overview:

“Teleo Blocks are modular components that are the easiest way to work with electronics, interaction, sensors and actuators. Blocks communicate exclusively by simple electrical signals, so there’s no programming language and no computer required. By mixing and matching several different kinds of Blocks, hundreds of easy to assemble projects can be created. Some of the new blocks are:

Blocks are also low cost, so once you’re done with the construction and use of your project, you can leave it intact without having to extract expensive hardware for use in the next project. Because Blocks use the same generic wire connections and screw terminal connectors as the Teleo Modules, they can easily be used together.”

Should be very cool to play with for a lot of different types of projects. They also posted up an update to a cookbook area to, “get an idea of the kinds of projects, both simple and complex, you can make with Blocks, see the assembly guides in our CookBook.” [3]
They are also offering a 20% discount to existing customers for the first month of their release.