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Flash 8 Player Out of Beta – Release Version Live On Macromedia

It looks like 8.0r22 is the release version of Macromedia Flash Player 8 [1] that made it out the door. I am very pleased that as of this evening, it is now the default version on Macromedias site. I am predicting that with the new Express Install feature [2] and various sites getting updated detection scripts in place, along with developers pushing out Flash 8 based content, that this release will be adopted much quicker than previous releases of the player. It appears that the rest of the Studio 8 and Flash 8 will be officially launched tomorrow – if you havent yet ordered your copy, show your support for this site by ordering Flash 8 via this link [3].

UPDATE: 09/12/05 11PM EST
Macromedia Flash 8 Professional and Macromedia Studio 8 are now shipping! 30 day Trial versions of Macromedia Flash 8 Professional and the other Studio 8 products are now available for download here [4].

Macromedia Flash 8 LiveDocs are also now available online [5].

Finally the Macromedia Flash DevNet Center has been updated with some great tutorials, including some by Guy Watson [6], Grant Skinner [7], Chafic Kazoun [8], Jen deHaan [9], Dan Carr [10], Chris Georgenes [11], Deneb Meketa [12] and Robert Hoekman, Jr. [13]