Macromedia MAX 2005 Sunday Update – Shutterbook Photos and Service

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Made it here yesterday afternoon to Anaheim, although I’m still waiting for America West to deliver my bag with my clothes today at noon. The first time I check a bag when flying in like 2 years and it goes missing, ughh. I cant wait to put on some fresh clothes! I ran into LordAlex right away, he always seems to be the first person I spot at events lately. I was going to go to the LAFlashapalooza, but I ended up spending most of yesterday afternoon trying to take care of locating my luggage, and buying some toothpaste and other travel items I needed last night and this morning. After that I had a gigantic prime rib at JW’s the overpriced, but good steakhouse in the Mariott where I am staying, then went and passed out after practicing my presentation a bit and making some more notes. I do have a couple of photos to share that I took this morning after picking up my badge and the cool bag with goodies they are giving attendees and speakers. I went ahead and uploaded the photos to a service called Shutterbook. Its a great photo sharing service that improves every time I log into it or view a photo, they have recently added tags, and private albums, its catching up to Flickr pretty quickly for a small service. Most of the UI and controls are Flash based, and they recently added a bunch of new features and moved to requiring Flash 8 so they could use ome new features of the latest Flash 8 player. Take a look at my shutterbook gallery here. I’ll post some more photos here over the course of the conference. The venue looks really nice, I look right out my window and can see it, and its just a minute or two of walking distance – one of the best arrangement of any big conference I’ve ever been to including some massive megabuck banking conferences – looking forward to see how everything goes over the next few days.

UPDATE: 10/22/05 – I am a little under the weather from traveling and am trying to rest a bit before I record my breezo presentation of my session to put online. However, I just finished uploading a ton of photos from the trip to my Shutterbook account. It was the first week I had the new camera, so I was still trying to figure out the best settings for exposure, etc. in order to take photos in the keynotes, so some are blurry or under/over exposed. By the 2nd or third day I had the settings down but my hands were still a bit shaky – sorry. I broke the photos down into three categories, general / keynote sessions /sneak peaks, mobile and devices, and a couple of snapshots from the Disney party which was a blast. for now I’m going back to bed, but am aiming to have my extra resources for my session online by the first of this coming week.


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