Expecting a New "Twig" On Our Family Tree

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I am pleased to announce that my wife Melissa, and I are expecting our first child right around May 15th of next year, which just happens to be our 2 year anniversary. Good timing eh? We heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time on Tuesday via doppler – it was going so fast it reminded me of a hummingbird. Hence the picture of the Jamaican “Doctor Bird” (Trochilus polytmus) or Swallowtail hummingbird, which we saw a few of when we were in Jamaica for our honeymoon last year. We are both really excited, nervous and all the other emotions that come along with having your first child. To keep track of things for family and friends, I’ll be putting together an entirely seperate website for future baby related postings, I’ll post the URL up when its ready. Wish us luck!


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