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MAX 2005 Flash On Every Screen Breeze Presentation and Extra Resources Are Live!

The Breeze version of my “Flash on Every Screen” presentation from MAX 2005 is now live on Macromedias server in the Attendee Resources > Presentation Library > Mobile and Devices Area [1]. There is also a link in that area back to my Flash on Every Screen Additional Resources [2] which is also now live on my server.

Couple things to note: The Flash on Every Screen Additional Resources [2] area is on my server and is free and open to the public. I plan on continuing to add information and useful resources on this topic to this area, so check it out, lots of good stuff in there.

The Presentation Library in the Macromedia MAX 2005 Attendee Resource Area [3] on Macromedia’s server requires a username/password that was only given to actual MAX 2005 attendees. You will need this information to view my Breeze presentation. However, if you are a manager for an official Macromedia User Group Manager [4] or a conference event coordinator and would like to have this or a similar presentation shown to your User Group or conference, but did not attend Macromedia MAX 2005, please contact me [5] to make special arrangements for a Breeze presentation and Q&A session for your group or conference.

UPDATE: 11/23/05
I posted a 19 minute long video [6] featuring 5 consumer devices that feature Macromedia Flash based UI’s and or can play Macromedia Flash content. Available in the Flash on Every Screen Additional Resources area [2] on this site.