Ben Forta "Magical Mystic Tour" Coming to Philadelphia – ColdFusion and Flex 2.0 On The Agenda

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I am excited to announce that Ben Forta of Adobe (formerly Macromedia) is coming back to Philly again to visit the PACFUG – Philly ColdFusion User Group. Ben will be here on February 20th at 6:00PM to talk the group about Flex 2 for ColdFusion developers. Ben will introduce the new Flex Builder 2 and new ColdFusion Flex integration features. Ben is a great speaker so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this, his last visit to Philly was great and I’m sure this one will be no different, in fact, this one will be very special. Why you ask – well lets just look at some strange coincidences:

  • Ben Fortas initials: BF – they happen to be the same as Benjamin Franklin whose 300th birthday is being celebrated year long in Philadelphia, and Ben Fortas presentation will be at the University of Pennsylvania, the University Benjamin Franklin founded
  • The Four F’s: Forta, Franklin, Fusion, Flex
  • Ben Franklin invented bifocals because of his own poor vision – Ben Forta wears glasses
  • Ben Franklin invented the odometer, Ben Forta literally wears out at least 3 odometers a year traveling around the world to talk about ColdFusion and Flex
  • Ben Franklin, a technologist and writer, founded the first public library in 1731 – 275 years later, Ben Forta, also a technologist and writer, wrote 3 books that can be found in that library

Coincidences? I think not.
So make sure you register for the event at the brand new PACFUG – Philly ColdFusion User Group site so PACFUG manager Steve Rittler can get an accurate head count and can provide the right amount of food and snacks!

Important Info for the event:

I am encouraging all the Philadelphia Flash User Group Members who are interested in Flex 2.0 and AS 3.0 to attend as well.


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