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Great New Resource: The Philly Creative Guide and The Importance of User Groups

[1]I wanted to announce a great new resource for the Philadelphia Area and individuals and businesses involved in creative professional services:
The Philly Creative Guide [1] which launched in early January. I have been meaning to post up an announcement for some time now, but as you might have seen from my previous post I have been a bit busy. (Disclosure: I am on the advisory board [2] for this site.)

So without further ado, a little snippet of info for you taken directly from the Philly Creative Guide “About” [2] page: “The Philly Creative Guide is the region’s most complete directory of creative professionals, firms and resources. Its purpose is simple: To help foster relationships within one of the most vibrant creative communities in America.
The Philly Creative Guide is for everyone whose livelihood is centered in the creative arts including individuals, firms and organizations. It’s the place to turn to when you want to find or be found.” Its a great place to find other creative professionals, indiviudals and companies alike, and a perfect place to list info about yourself and get your info out their to right people in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

As of a bit earlier today there is also an article I wrote as a guest columnist about my experiences moving to Philadelphia, and what an impact the local User Group organizations and Flash community have had on my life – take a look here to check it out. [3] There is also a great article by Zave Smith a fantastic local photographer about passion for what one pursues in life and work, and an equally compelling article by Christopher Ovdyenko, the current President of the Art Directors Guild of Philadelphia [4] on the topic of organic networking – both articles are in the archive section [5] of the site. Take a peek at the site [1] and see what you think.