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Marcolina Design Awarded the Adobe Site Of The Day

[1]I’m really pleased to announce that a Flash based site [1] I worked on recently with my friends at Marcolina Design, Inc. [1] has been awarded the Macromedia Adobe Site Of The Day [2] for today – March 28, 2006. The Marcolina site was a really fun project to work on. I had worked with Dan Marcolina and his excellent team [1] on a few other projects prior to this, but this one was special because it really highlights all of his studios amazing design and video work, including their incredible After Effects work. It was also fun to get to work with so much video content in Flash and to work with Brandon Troutman [3] on turning the designs into a functioning Flash application. My role was Flash and ActionScript development to create the underlying framework and functionality for the site to deliver all the wonderful content that Dan has put together for clients over the years. We were able to take advantage of a lot of the new features in Flash 8: we used the new FLVplayback component and its advanced skinning capabilities extensively, as well as the XPath API for parsing all the XML configuration data for all the extensive content the site utilizes, the new blend modes were indispensable for implementing the designs that were originally comped in Photoshop. The butterflies in the “Field Recognition” section of the site was a fun piece of the project that took advantage of a couple new Flash 8 features as well. The site also utilizes the new Express Install feature to allow quick and easy upgrades to Flash 8. Overall it was a real pleasure to work on this project with Dan and his team. [1]