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Flash Is Mobile, Comes In All Sizes – Now On BREW As Well – Babies Agree

I’ve been extremely busy here at the homestead taking care of Owen and getting to know him. He really is amazing. We have had quite a number of family members visiting for the past few weeks, so I have a ton of photos I need to get online for family members and friends, and plenty of email and work to catch up on. I had a free moment today, so I thought it would be appropriate to post a couple photos with Owen modeling his limited edition Flash Is Mobile/Flash Comes In All Sizes t-shirt I got from Bill Perry [1] a while back. Owen is not quite big enough to really wear it yet, but it makes a great blanket for him. With the recent announcements [2] that Adobe has worked with Qualcomm and Verizon to support Flash Lite 2.1 on the BREW platform [3], I thought this was especially apropos.

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