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Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW Public Beta Live on Adobe Labs

Just in time for the 4th of July holiday, Adobe has posted another eagerly awaited item on labs.adobe.com [1]: the first Public Beta of Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW – go grab it here now [2]! It includes the Post-Processor Plug-In for Flash Professional 8 which converts your Flash Lite 2.1 content to native BREW application format, the Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW Extension for testing (compatible with the Samsung SCH-a950 and the LG VX9800), Developer documentation, and all the other information you will need to get going. You’ll need to make sure you have an account with Adobe, and are a member of the Adobe Mobile Developer Program in order to download the materials (sign up is free and linked to in the Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW area on labs.adobe.com). You’ll also need to make sure you are signed up with Qualcomm as an official BREW developer to get the other materials, SDK, testing environment tools, simulator, etc.

This is really big news, as a huge new market just opened up for Mobile Flash developers, essentially all of Verizon Wireless’ customer base, and other supported BREW deployments just became potential clients. A whole new channel of deployment possibilities is now available. I believe this to be the final push towards the tipping-point for adoption of Flash Lite in the US and North America. This is a big deal!