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Presenting Blue Melon’s BlueSense Hardware Integration Kit For Flash at Next Make:Philly Meeting

Next Sunday at 7pm at the next Make:Philly meeting [1] I’ll be doing a small presentation about utilizing Blue Melon’s line of BlueSense [2] hardware kits, how they can work with Flash and how the kit stacks up compared to similar systems (Making Things Teleo [3], Make:Kit [4], Phidgets [5], etc). Blue Melon is a company from the Netherlands that makes this great line of hardware modules (sensors, controllers, devices, etc) that communicate over Bluetooth and USB. They have software kits for integrating into MAX/MSP, Processing, Pure Data, Flash, Mono/C#, C, VB.Net and Java [6]. The really cool aspect of this system is the Bluetooth integration – so you aren’t tethered by a cable to your project and computer which allows for some really interesting capabilities. I’ve been playing with my kit for a few weeks now, and I hope to have my little project integrating it with Flash and projector apps like MDM:Zinc [7] polished up for the meeting. I’m going to post a full review of the kit here after the presentation next Sunday.