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Jplayer RTMP Support

CLIENT: Daytrotter.com [2]
DATE: August 2011
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
DESCRIPTION: Added support for Adobe’s RTMP protocol for audio and video [3] to the very popular Jplayer [4] audio/video JavaScript/Flash library. Initially added as a custom feature for Daytrotter.com [2] – later refined and contributed back to the core of Jplayer. Jplayer is in use by over 430,000 sites around the web as of 2015 [5] including Pandora [6], BBC, Al Jazeera, WYNC, etc. The RTMP features are in use by my clients Daytrotter.com [2] and WolfgangsVault.com [7] and many others.

Additional information available here: https://impossibilities.com/v4/2012/02/03/jplayer-fork-with-rtmp-support/ [8]

Github Repo Fork: https://github.com/rmhall/jPlayer [9]
Github Repo Master: https://github.com/happyworm/jPlayer [9]
Jplayer Site: Jplayer [4]